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Henclewski & Wyjatek Law Firm was formed in 2010. Since the beginning of our operations we have gained experience in handling our Clients’ matters. Furthermore, we have all the necessary skills and competences that are of particular importance for the provision of legal services to businesses. We are fully flexible, devoted to our Clients and matters conducted by us. We are dynamic and continuously follow the changes in commercial law. We are not afraid of taking non-standard actions and we are consistent in achieving our goals. We also continually improve our qualifications, both practical and theoretical.



Values we share in our everyday work

Thanks to our values, we can provide our services with utmost quality.

Trust and responsibility

We feel responsible for our Clients’ matters and success. Each case we handle is as important to us as it is to our Clients. We believe that trust, reliability and fairness must underlie each our action and decision.

Knowledge and competence

We know that we cannot be the best in everything. Therefore, we are focusing on the provision of comprehensive services to business entities. We try to be a match for our Clients and a partner who understands business reality and unique nature of their operations. To do so, our Team has been continuously improving their qualifications and expand their knowledge e.g. by participating in professional training courses and sessions.


Only collaboration based on mutual respect will allow us to establish a long-term relationship with our Clients and understand their needs. Given the huge significance of the effective collaboration, the Client-Law Firm communication is of great importance to us.

Effectiveness and efficiency

We know that our Clients’ matters are the most important to them. This is why we act quickly and effectively, take bold and courageous decisions. We perform our engagements taking the interests of our Clients as our priority.


We believe that by providing our services we assist Clients in their business development and defence against any threats. Each case won for our Clients helps us develop ourselves and our Law Firm. Thus, we make all efforts to do our work as best as possible.


We assist our Clients in understanding legal aspects of their business operations, which to a great extent makes communication easier and allows them to grasp the sense of matters we are engaged to handle. We know that availability and quick response are of utmost importance and therefore we use state-of-the-art technologies to exchange information.

Awards and partners

We operate in a number of fields. We are highly appreciated by the best companies and organisations.

Forbes award

Advocate Wojciech Wyjatek was nominated for the “Forbes Professionals – Public Trust Professions” competition organised by FORBES.

World Bank

Partners of the Law Firm belong to an elite group of lawyers who are the co-authors of the Doing Business 2015 report together with the World Bank. The Law Firm will support the World Bank actions in other fields, too.

Quebec Economic Mission

We have been working together with the Ministry of Economy, Development and Exports in Quebec since 2012 and proudly supporting Canadian economic missions to Poland. The major goal of our liaison is to promote knowledge about legal aspects of business life in Poland among Canadian businesses and to facilitate business contacts with Polish entities.

Lewiatan Association of Employers

We have been collaborating with the Lewiatan Wielkopolska Association of Employers since 2013. As part of our relationship, we are actively involved in providing legal support to companies that are members of the Association.

World Trade Center

Since 2012, we have been working together with the World Trade Center branch in Poznań. We are involved in training courses for foreigners aiming to start their business in Poland. As part of the training course for the Economic Mission participants from Quebec, Canada, advocate Wojciech Wyjatek conducted workshops about legal aspects of doing business in Poland.


If you run a business and look for a partner to provide you with legal services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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