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Civil and business matters

Legal services related to civil law

We handle each case in a comprehensive manner: starting from holding negotiations of contracts and agreements, their drafting and reviewing, holding of any pre-trial negotiations and court proceedings, to representing our Clients during the enforcement proceedings. We put an emphasis on efficiency, time- and cost-effectiveness of the proceedings. Long-term and extensive experience of our Team helps us achieve these goals.

We have extensive experience in such cases as compensation claims, non-performance or improper performance of obligations and property liability of a Management Board member for insolvent company’s liabilities. We tailor the scope of our legal services to individual needs of our Clients.

Our services

  • we handle litigation
  • we represent our Clients at the pre-trial stage
  • we draft and analyse contracts and agreements used in private and commercial transactions
  • we draft legal opinions and information
  • we protect our Clients’ personal interests
  • we assert claims related to compensation liability of insurance companies
  • we participate in court trials related to real estate transactions
  • we handle matters related to inheritance law
  • we handle matters related to family law
  • we handle matters related to copyright law
  • we handle matters related to consumer law
What we offer
In all litigation-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact

Wojciech Wyjatek, Attorney, Partner

+48 61 222 44 30


If you run a business and look for a partner to provide you with legal services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


+48 61 222 44 30


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