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Legal assistance to CHF loan borrowers

We provide comprehensive legal assistance to CHF loan borrowers.

We handle each case on an individual basis, taking into consideration its unique nature, Client expectations and opportunities arising under a specific CHF loan agreement.

We represent our Clients before banks in CHF loan-related matters. We assist them in recovering the funds both at the pre-trial level and in court.

At our Law Firm, each case is handled by lawyers with long-term experience who worked in different banks offering CHF loans. Thanks to their knowledge, we always propose the most advantageous solutions and practical recommendations to our Clients. We provide comprehensive legal support at all times. We also offer consultations concerning CHF loan matters.

Our services

  • we analyse and review loan agreements
  • we present the strategy, including loan currency conversion, loan agreement annulment, raising financial claims against the bank
  • we draft an application for necessary certificates to be issued by the bank
  • we represent our Clients in pre-trial proceedings with the bank
  • we represent our Clients in proceedings before the first and second instance court and before the Supreme Court
  • we provide day-to-day consultations concerning the status of the pending case and CHF loan matters.
What we offer
If you need CHF loan support, please do not hesitate to contact

Monika Radomska, Attorney-at-Law

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