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Legal services to corporations, large production and service companies

When parties to a dispute cannot reach agreement amicably, the case may need to be brought to court. As part of broadly understood litigation, we act before arbitration courts, common courts and court mediators.

We prepare the case strategy for our Clients accounting for all phases of the litigation, including the enforcement proceedings. We keep them informed and explain the consequences of each specific step.

Our Clients include both plaintiffs and defendants. Furthermore, we represent the parties to the enforcement proceedings to ensure effective enforcement of the judgment and active defence.

Our services

  • we draft a case strategy, at all phases of the litigation, to protect our Clients’ interests
  • we represent parties to court, enforcement, arbitration and mediation proceedings
  • we act as a court-appointed administrator in court proceedings
  • we defend our Clients against the court enforcement officer in enforcement proceedings
  • we collect debts
  • we represent our Clients in mediation proceedings
  • we hold out-of-court negotiations aimed at conclusion of a settlement agreement
What we offer
In all litigation-related matters, please do not hesitate to contact

Tomasz Henclewski, Ph.D., Attorney, Partner

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