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Criminal law and penal fiscal law

We act as representatives of natural and legal persons in criminal proceedings, either for the defence or for the prosecution. As part of this area of practice, we perform pre-trial analyses and assess the level of risk related to a particular type of defence or prosecution.

As lawyers who know the reality of business life, we are aware that persons holding managerial positions in companies are liable for their decisions.

We carefully verify the decisions made by our Clients concerning their business operations and actively contribute to improve their safety and the safety of their companies.

We have experience in effective defence of persons in managerial positions working in private and State-owned companies, including municipal companies and healthcare centres.

Our services

  • we represent our Clients in criminal proceedings
  • we represent our Clients in petty offence proceedings
  • we draft private indictments
  • we defend our Clients in criminal enforcement proceedings
  • we assist our Clients in counteracting cybercrime
  • we assist our Clients in securing electronic evidence
  • we represent managers in criminal proceedings
  • we protect the image and reputation of the injured parties
What we offer
In all matters related to criminal law and penal fiscal law, please do not hesitate to contact

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