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Construction law advice

We offer comprehensive assistance and advisory services related to construction law to all parties involved in the investment and construction proces.

We provide comprehensive legal support to all parties involved in the construction process, from negotiations and agreement conclusion, through the agreement performance, to final investment settlements.

Thanks to our specialist knowledge and long-term experience, we support the investors, contractors as well as subcontractors.

We provide our assistance and advisory services to:

  • private investors
  • public investors
  • developers
  • general contractors
  • consortiums of contractors
  • subcontractors
  • material suppliers

Owing to our diversified, 10-year experience in construction law matters, we appropriately secure our Clients as early as at the contract conclusion phase. We always propose verified and practical solutions accounting for the construction sector dynamics and possible performance circumstances unforeseen at the investment planning stage.

Our services:

  • we provide assistance in preparing construction documentation
  • we assist in negotiations and drafting contracts and agreements between the parties involved in the investment and construction process
  • we review and prepare legal opinions about construction contracts and agreements
  • we provide practical advisory services to solve daily performance problems
  • we hold negotiations and represent our Clients in disputes related to the contract performance and concerning investment settlements, contractual penalties, fees for additional work, improper performance of the contract, etc.
  • we assert claims to the benefit of our Clients and we defend our Clients against claims arising from warranty and statutory warranty for construction works completed
  • we represent our Clients in construction law matters
  • we claim contractual penalties to the benefit of our Clients and defend our Clients against such penalties
  • we secure claims out-of-court, before court, before the litigation and during the litigation to the benefit of our Clients
  • we represent our Clients before courts
What we offer
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