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Real estate law

We offer our legal assistance in concluding a safe transaction involving the sale or purchase of real estate.

We perform a thorough and in-depth analysis of the legal status of the real estate in question and as a result of such analysis, we can present potential threats and exposures. Furthermore, we offer extensive assistance in the review of the Land and Mortgage Registers and the related proceedings, specifically as regards mortgages, easements and any other disclosures in the Land and Mortgage Registers. We have unique knowledge of how to use the emptied mortgage entry. In addition, we actively participate in disputes concerning real estate ownership.

Our Clients include real estate owners and persons interested in real estate purchases. Moreover, we support entities with security established on any real estate in their favour.

Our services:

  • we provide comprehensive assistance in real estate transactions
  • we analyse the real estate legal status
  • we strike entries that are no longer in effect off the Land and Mortgage Registers
  • we establish various rights (mortgage, easement, servitude, etc.) on real estate
  • we establish security (as a mortgage) on a mortgage-secured receivable (subintabulat)
  • we secure receivables with the use of real estate
  • we represent our Clients in the Land and Mortgage Register-related proceedings
  • we assist our Clients in disputes between real estate co-owners or in disputes among neighbours
  • we represent our Clients in court proceedings related to acquisitive prescription of real estate and bringing the Land and Mortgage Register disclosures into line with the actual legal status of specific real estate
  • we use the emptied mortgage entry
What we offer
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