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Shopping centre tenants

Legal services provided to store tenants in shopping centres

Lease agreements concerning stores and premises in a shopping centre are extremely extensive and complicated. They are a combination of a number of legal mechanisms, which in an appropriate configuration create a huge advantage of a shopping centre over the tenant. This advantage can be eliminated to a certain extent to the benefit of the tenant. This can be done with the assistance of lawyers who know business reality of shopping centres and who have experience in the practical application of specific contractual clauses.

Our Law Firm has been specialising in the provision of legal services to the shopping centre tenants all over Poland and providing them with the most possible extensive protection for nearly 10 years.

We have won numerous court cases with shopping centres, have concluded numerous settlement agreements favourable to the tenants which were beyond their reach before.

Our broad experience in the shopping centre market in Poland singles us out from other legal firms. As a consequence, we had a chance to visit and review a lot of shopping facilities in Poland and we know both their weaknesses and strengths. We can assess in advance the business consequences of decisions made by our Clients and present relevant recommendations to them.

Legal knowledge itself is insufficient in relations with shopping centres and must be combined with practice as far as technical and construction solutions, shared cost settlement methods and ever-changing practices of shopping centre management companies are concerned. We have all these competences due to our ongoing contact with the lease market.

Our services:

  • We analyse and negotiate lease agreements with the shopping centre owners before the agreement conclusion
  • We renegotiate and modify the pending lease agreements
  • We assist in the lease agreement termination and shopping centre relationship end
  • We provide ongoing legal and business advice to the tenants
  • We represent the tenants in disputes with shopping centres, including in court trials and enforcement proceedings
  • We develop the tenant’s strategy in actions with the shopping centre
What we offer
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